EPA Opinion: Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion

The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline project increases capacity of the existing 24-inch Trans Mountain pipeline by adding a 36-inch pipe alongside it, allowing for an increased capacity of up to 890,000 barrels per day. The added pipeline would be used to carry diluted bitumen, an unrefined oil diluted with volatile chemical solvents, to Burnaby. From there, a significant portion of the increased capacity will be exported to foreign countries, supporting both the national and international energy industry. In addition to supporting global dependency on fossil fuels, this addition to the Trans Mountain pipeline increases the chances of an oil spill, which could be devastating to the local ecosystem.


    From a policy perspective: beyond these direct impacts, Canada must take its position as a leader in climate change seriously. With no one entity regulating global policy making, it is up to individual administrations across the world to make the necessary sacrifices in the name of climate change. Canada, along with other developed countries, must set a precedent in making environmentally friendly choices in the hope that the rest of the world will follow suit and do their part.


       At this point, both provincial and federal governments seem deaf to the words of those affected by the project. In instances like these, it is important to raise our voices. It is important to raise our voices on blogs, to post on Facebook and Twitter, to spread the word to our friends and followers, to connect ourselves with networks of like-minded people and those who disagree. It is also important to remind our governments of where we stand. Peaceful protest remains one of the most effective ways for citizens to communicate with their government. We must raise our voices where Christy Clark, Justin Trudeau, and others in power will hear them. To affect this project, we cannot confine our voice to the internet, we must raise our voice in society. We must cast our whole vote, our whole influence.




Join us in raising our voices this Saturday, November 19, as we march with those opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion! Additional details can be found on our Facebook page.