Member Blog Announcement

We are excited to announce that as part of our plans for 2017, we have restructured our website by creating a new blog with content exclusively authored by our members! Our existing news tab will be devoted to news article responses (by our executive team), and to provide recaps of Climate Talks.

The blog will allow registered EPA members to submit any type of written work related to environmental policy, environmental economics, forestry, and more. In addition, member submissions can be of any level of formality (eg. research papers, thought-pieces, etc.), and at the request of the author, they can be either anonymous or labelled with their name.

Please use the form below to make submissions. If you have any attachments to add, or have any questions regarding the blog, you can send them to We look forward to reading your thoughts on environmental policy!


EPA Opinion: Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion

The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline project increases capacity of the existing 24-inch Trans Mountain pipeline by adding a 36-inch pipe alongside it, allowing for an increased capacity of up to 890,000 barrels per day. The added pipeline would be used to carry diluted bitumen, an unrefined oil diluted with volatile chemical solvents, to Burnaby. From there, a significant portion of the increased capacity will be exported to foreign countries, supporting both the national and international energy industry. In addition to supporting global dependency on fossil fuels, this addition to the Trans Mountain pipeline increases the chances of an oil spill, which could be devastating to the local ecosystem...

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